They're selling us protection from their own attack dogs
they're raking in the money while we bleed and die
so people are scared and people are sad,
and they turn it on each other and they don't know why.

In this desperate time of need,
we've got a message that you should heed
we're gonna have to find a new way to live cuz
we're really gonna get back just what we give.

We're friends and family,
the last hope for humanity
the freaks are picking up the slack
This world is our's, come on, let's take it back
Made from all natural space age polymers,
grown organically space age polymers,
primitive technology space age polymers,
be the first on your block to have space age polymers.

This is just to remind you, cuz it's easy to forget
one day you were born and you know one day you'll die,
this may be the only live you'll ever get,
So go ahead and live while you're alive

It's so loud that you'll have to raise your voice,
If you want to be heard above the noise they're making
listen to your heart, it's time to make a choice
If you never speak up we'll never know what you were thinking.

Space age, space age, Space Age Polymers;
be the first on your block to have Space Age Polymers!
How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?