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Oranges in Somis, Dec 2009

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Opportunities always look bigger going than coming.


A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was cited for littering.


How many graduate students does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Only one, but it may take upwards of five years for him to get it done.

Not Really That Old News

Berning Illusions: Why Sanders Can’t Concede to the Clinton Democrats

The Democratic party has become the Corporate party, but we still might help change that.—Progressive Dreams

3 Ways the Media Has Failed Our Democracy in Covering the Election

It's not just Fox News — mainstream news organizations have betrayed the public's trust this election season.—Alternet

Patently Absurd Logic on Budget Deficits and Debt

You might think that the "deficit hawks" have other motives. You might be right.—truth-out.org

Bernie Sanders YouTube video about income inequality

Why I Like Bernie—YouTube

Poverty is fueled by policy

"The failure of wages to grow for the vast majority is the leading reason why progress in reducing poverty has stalled over the last three-and-a-half decades." —Economic Policy Institute

Your net worth has tanked. Thank a Republican

Their "Get Obama at any cost" tactics have made our economic position far worse—AFL-CIO

Americans know squat about military spending

Americans are consistently misinformed about the amount we spend on the military--and many don't like the truth when they hear it.—Alternet

People We Know


Ima to Eien ni - Now and Forever: the comic


Anime-style art from Ryan Bunter

Space Age Polymers

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Ted Talks

Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world

Health, Nutrition, Environment

Health Insurance

Concerned about your health insurance?—http://californiaonecare.org/

Global Warming: Really?

Complete with colorful graphs—InformationIsBeautiful.net

Start a Farmer's Market!

Can't find a farmers market near you? Here's a gude from the USDA

Nutrition Wonderland

An In-Depth Guide to the World of Nutrition

Center for Food Safety

Promoting sustainable agriculture for health and environment

eFoodAlert Blog

A daily digest of international outbreaks, alerts and food safety news

Food Safety News

Web-based newspaper dedicated to reporting on issues surrounding food safety

Union of Concerned Scientists

Citizens and Scientists for Environmental Solutions

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City of Angels

Lyrics by Jessie Nichols Gussin Lopez

I ride the bus in the city of Angels
I watch them,
and I see the way they move through the world
I feel their wing beats,
and somehow on these dirty city streets
its heaven, where you make it...

They say "Hola" "Konichiwa", "How do you do", “Bien Venidos” and "How are you?"
They say "Anyan Haseo", "Salaam", “Shalom",
there's an million ways to say" Welcome Home" to a city this big,
where there's room for everything and everyone
each part so different but it's crisscrossed with freeways connecting everyone

Here's a story...
I give up my double seat for two lovers holding hands so that they can sit side by side.
But then they give up their seat a stop later, to an old grandmother,
her bags are heavy and her feet are tired.
But even she jumps up when he gets on the bus
He's bigger and stronger and younger and taller than any of us and he's
He's got a backpack, a stroller, diaper bag and a baby maybe ten days old.
Big guy must be cold, it's so warm out, but he's shaking.
Grandpa grabs the stroller for him the couple moves to give him space,
You should have seen his face.
You know I love this place!
It turns out it's heaven where ever you make it, Heaven.

See there's Griffith Park, and Venice Beach, Little Ethiopia, Olvera Street
There's the art scene and the underground, the mountains, the beaches, downtown,
nearly every kind of language, every foreign cuisine.
We've got every type of music, every possible scene.
There's a bicycle mob round the Hummer limousine.
It's like a space port, every sort of person in LA,
more arriving every day,
what else can I tell you about a place this big?
There's room for everything and everyone,
each a part so different
but it's crisscrossed with freeways connecting everyone

And oh I know there's so know there's so many things wrong with it
so many things messed up in LA
But I also know that there's problems everywhere
and here we say
"Hola", "Konichiwa", "How do you do", “Bien Venidos” and "How are you?"
We say "Anyan Haseo", "Salaam", “Shalom",
there's an million ways to say “Welcome Home" to a city this big.

If we can do it here, then you can do it anywhere,
and we're doing it here, so you can do it any where!
If we can do it here, I'm just saying...

It turns out the orange line's connected to the red line,
the red lines connected to the blue line.
The blue line's connected to the green line,
so I can go to the show.
The bus line's connected to the purple line,
and the purple lines connected to the red line,
and the red lines connected to the gold line,
so I can go to the, we all can go to the show.
I can go to the, I'll see you at the show!
I can go to the, everyone can go to the show!

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