If you do something, the chance increases, someone else will also do it,
If you even talk about a new idea, someone else might just beat you to it
The joke you tell, the food you eat, the books that you read or don't
Your tastes, your attitudes, and your ideas and what you will do or won't

Every word that falls from you lips is a seed whether you know it or not
that plants itself in the people around you and grows up slow through their words and thoughts
it blooms out into the world at large, and we wonder who the hell's in charge
of these poisonous fruit, these seed come form hell
do you realize you planted them yourself

Well the truth is frighting, the evidence is ample,
Right this very moment you are leading by example
you are an option held up to the light
of infinite possibilities, this is one way to live your life

you teach others when they don't know they're learning,
teach and learn all the while unaware
ripples and waves spread out from those lessons,
they ring out tones of hope or despair

You are a long living anecdote,
a model from which we shall learn
for instance this case will provide illustration
how you lived while it was your turn

events are influenced by expectation
avalanches caused by small vibrations,
your influence is exponential
if you ever harnessed your full potential
the simple truth is you could change the world,
but here's where the danger's brewing:
you're all ready changing it all the time with whatever it is your are already doing

if the people are hateful, how can the country be at peace
if the people are wasteful, then of course the world is full of greed
if the people are brave and loving then we can have heaven are earth
and if the people don't care to try, everyday it gets worse

dominoes falling, sliding on thin ice, events cascading, trigger reaction
every time you make a choice, there's consequences, consequences,

The stakes are higher than you'd ever perceive, you have more power than you'd ever believe
The stakes are higher than you'd ever perceive, you have more power than you'd ever believe

So here we are folks, poised on the knife's edge
the future hangs, it could go either way
and you are the fulcrum, the axis, the catalyst
so, what will you decide today?