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Wildwood Regional Park, Dec 2010

Thought for the Minute

Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long.


The fattest knight at King Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.


How many graduate students does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Only one, but it may take upwards of five years for him to get it done.

Not Really That Old News

Poverty is fueled by policy

"The failure of wages to grow for the vast majority is the leading reason why progress in reducing poverty has stalled over the last three-and-a-half decades." —Economic Policy Institute

Your net worth has tanked. Thank a Republican

Their "Get Obama at any cost" tactics have made our economic position far worse—AFL-CIO

Americans know squat about military spending

Americans are consistently misinformed about the amount we spend on the military--and many don't like the truth when they hear it.—Alternet

It's the Inequality, Stupid

Eleven charts that explain what's wrong with America.—Mother Jones

Whistling Past the Wreckage of Civil Liberties

Watchdogs slept through a decade of civil rights roll-backs—FAIR

Americans Don't Realize Just How Badly We're Getting Screwed by the Top 0.1 Percent Hoarding the Country's Wealth

With an unprecedented sum of wealth held within the top one-tenth of one percent of the US population, we now have the most severe inequality of wealth in US history.—Amped Status

Low wages and high unemployment are paralyzing the global economy

The race to become "competitive" by lowering wages is killing us—The Real News

People We Know


Ima to Eien ni - Now and Forever: the comic


Anime-style art from Ryan Bunter

Space Age Polymers

The Facebook page

Always Thinking

Ted Talks

Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world

Health, Nutrition, Environment

Health Insurance

Concerned about your health insurance?—http://californiaonecare.org/

Global Warming: Really?

Complete with colorful graphs—InformationIsBeautiful.net

Start a Farmer's Market!

Can't find a farmers market near you? Here's a gude from the USDA

Nutrition Wonderland

An In-Depth Guide to the World of Nutrition

Center for Food Safety

Promoting sustainable agriculture for health and environment

eFoodAlert Blog

A daily digest of international outbreaks, alerts and food safety news

Food Safety News

Web-based newspaper dedicated to reporting on issues surrounding food safety

Union of Concerned Scientists

Citizens and Scientists for Environmental Solutions

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Just The Way That I Am

Lyrics by Katherin Nichols

When I was in the fourth grade and all the other girls
were worrying about their weight
and straightening their curls
I was busy insect hunting with pockets full of dirt
wearing a leotard underneath my hand made skirt
A group of girls confronted me how could I act this way
with a rolly polly in each hand I could only shrug and say
“It's just the way that I am, just the way that I am.”
And I say “Love it or leave it you better believe it,
It's just the way that I am, just the way that I am.”

Later on I had this horrible experience they call Junior High
The kids all act like assholes and I just couldn't figure out why.
They used to call me fat although I was just a little chunky.
They called me Monkey Girl, just for dancing like a little monkey.
Well I stuck my thumbs in my ears wiggled fingers to the sky.
I didn't hear what they said next because I said
“Well I am just the way that I am, don't you know that I'm just the way that I am.”
And I told them “Love it or leave it you better believe it,
I'm just the way that I am, just the way that I am.”

You know the only reason that I can be like me,
Is that all of the people that I love, well they like me,
just the way that I am, they like me just the way that I am.

Don't you know in my adult life,
well it can still get in the way,
like when I practice fearsome faces in the windows of the MTA,
or when I show up to work with my pet rat Mr. Cheddar,
or simply enjoy my life because I strive each day to make it better.
When my weirdness starts to cause all the normals consternation
I say less as an excuse than as an explanation,
"I'm just the way that I am, don't you know that I'm just the way that I am.”
And I say “Love it or leave it you better believe it,
I'm just the way that I am, just the way that I am.”